1. Introduction 

WeChat is a prevalent channel around the world, with more than 1 billion daily active users reported. MyBOT is now integrated with WeChat so businesses can easily build and deploy bots to interact with their audience.

1.1 Access to Setup 

   1.1.1 Access Deploy workflow from the Navigation 

    1.1.2. Then look for WeChat

2. Requirements

To have your bot on your WeChat you need to have a WeChat official account.You can go to https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ and create an account of any type based on your requirement. For testing purposes MyBOT provide a free sandbox account you can test it using this link.

3. Steps to configure WeChat as a Channel 

Let me explain to to how you can deploy you chatbot on WeChat.

3.1 AppID and AppSecret

  • Login to your account and copy the AppID and AppSecret generated for your WeChat account 

[Note: Google translate might convert the first character of AppID and Appsecret to uppercase. Use lowercase instead]

  • Go to Deploy section on MyBOT portal and paste the AppID and AppSecret in the fields provided. Click SAVE.

3.2 Webhook and WeChat token 

  • Copy the webhook URL and wechat token from the Deploy section on MyBOT portal and paste it in Endpoint URL and token fields, respectively, on WeChat account page.
  • Save the credentials. Your WeChat bot is now ready to use.

3.3 Testing 

  • You can scan the QR code in the sandbox account from the WeChat code scanner in the app to test the MyBOT chatbot.

4. Key Notes

Some key points you should remember when you are deploying your chatbot on a WeChat

   4.1 Audio and Video files will be shared as clickable links.
   4.2 WeChat does not provide option to display clickable buttons. Hence following features of MyBOT would not function as expected:

  1. “Send Message with Options”
    • Clickable button options cannot be sent by the bot
  2. “Send Carousel”
    • Carousels will be displayed as tiles without any buttons to choose from
    • Only URLs can be passed along with a carousel

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