Website Theming

1. Introduction

Branding and theming enhances look & feel of the bot and that adds to the overall user experience. MyBOT provides a range of configuration options to customise the look & feel of the website widget for your Chatbot. This includes placement, header colours, text style & colour and more options which will go a long way in helping you get the right look & feel. 

2. Availability

This functionality is available to all users irrespective of plans except Theme font, Font weight, Header Alignment, Header Description, Background, Input Area Colour an Input Area suggestion text which are available Professional Plan onwards.
To access website theme functionality Click on Deploy on the left panel of your bot and select website chatbot and navigate to Themes.

3. Themes 

These configuration options can be accessed from DEPLOY > Website > Theme. 

The section below lists down the options available –

Theme Font: A bot builder can select the font style of chat widget for their website. There are seven options to select from namely 

  1. Sans Serif options – Arial, Helvetica, Verdana
  2. Serif options – Garamond  
  3. Casual options – Indie Flower 

Theme Colour: This option can be used to set a primary theme colour for the website chatbot to fit the theme of the website. This colour will be added to the chat header.

Header Text Colour: This is the colour selection for the text displayed in the header 

Header Alignment: This aligns the header text. There are two options left-align and centre align

Header Description: User can add text as description for the bot. This will be displayed on top of the widget.

Header Icon: An icon can be placed in the header. 

Launch Icon: The icon shown for the minimized bot on the website is called the Launch Icon and can be configured here 

Chat Avatar: This option can be used to enable and add an avatar to the bot, Once configured, the avatar icon will be displayed next to all messages from the bot

Chat Bubble Colour: This option can be used to set the colour for the user’s chat message bubbles.

Chat Button Colour: This option can be used to set the colour for button options which are sent from the bot.

Background: This option enables the background/wallpaper for the chat widget. A user has options to keep a blank (white) background, Upload an image to be used as a wallpaper or select a gradient. A user will get an option to input three colours Bottom Stop, Top Stop and Mid Stop to create the desired gradient.

Chat transparency: This option helps enable a transparency effect on the chat window. This option is applicable only for the Chatbot Direct URL.

Input Area Colour: This option can be used to set the background colour for the user input area on the chat window.

Input area suggestion text: This option can be used to set the default text to display for the user input area on the chat window.

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