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1. Introduction 

In the new digital age where instant gratification is what people look for. Waiting for a solution or service leaves a negative impact on a customer’s overall experience. Placing a chatbot provides an all-time information source to users resulting in higher retention and recall. 

Advanced options in the web widget customization provide additional functionality to the web widget of the chatbot. There are 2 key options in this section, namely, Change User Response and Enable Auto Popup. 

2. Accessibility 

Change User Response and Enable Auto Pop-up is available from the Professional Plan onwards. To access this functionality click on deploy on your left panel, select website chatbot and navigate to Advanced option

3. Change User Response 

This option as the name suggests allows a user to modify the previous response submitted to the bot. When you enable change user response for a bot you have to provide a default message that will be shown to the user on clicking on the edit option.

When change user response is enabled:

There is an edit option in front of your response. Once you click on the edit button you can enter the previously requested value once again. 

4. Auto Pop-up

Sometimes you may want to call out the user’s attention to your chatbot by launching it automatically once it loads on your website. This setting allows you to configure how the bot is launched on the web page where it is deployed.

There are two options that a user gets to configure here – 

  • Trigger Delay can be configured to be immediate or delayed by a given time
  • Immediate: This triggers the bot once the user opens the web page. 
  • Delayed By:  This option enables a creator to add delay to the launch of the bot.
  • Type for Auto Popup can be configured to be one of three kinds – “Closed Callout”, “Minimized” and “Normal”
  • Closed Callout – In this mode, a simple message is highlighted right above the Chatbot Launch icon. This helps calls out the visiting user’s attention to the Chatbot but lets them decide if they want to initiate it or not
  • Minimized – In this mode, the chatbot opens up in a minimized version allowing the user to see the Bot Header, Description as well as get access to the typing box without needing to explicitly launch the bot. Once the user types in a query  though, the chatbot will open up to its normal size
  • Normal – In this mode, the chatbot opens up in its normal size & version. The option to close the chatbot window is available to the end-user though. This mode is especially useful if you would want to keep the chatbot option really handy and highlighted for your end-users.

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