Small Talk

1. Introduction

Small talk is typically defined as casual, informal conversation, usually, not pertaining to an important topic.

MyBOT platform comes pre-packaged with its own small-talk engine. When you create a bot, this small-talk engine is automatically enabled and the bot would respond to some typical questions like “How are you doing?” or “Good morning”. This does not require any training and takes care of the basic responses.

The responses can be re-trained by using the FAQ module and would override the pre-set responses. 

1.1 Availability

The small talk capability is available for all plans from Starter onwards.

2. Feature Usage

The Small talk feature can be enabled or disabled using the option “Enable Small Talk” in the Conversations section in the Configure tab.

Tip: The Randomize messages can come in handy to set a few variations of the responses to make the bot appear more natural and human-like.

Some small talk bot responses – 

User: How are you doing?

Bot: Wonderful! Thanks for asking.

User: Who are you?

Bot: I am a virtual being, not a real person.

User: Good morning

Bot: Good morning! How are you doing today?

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