1. Introduction

A cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. MyBOT allows you to connect the world to your bot on Slack. Any users interacting with the app will be able to access the conversational flow you setup for your bot and answered with any FAQs you train the bot for.

1.1 Access to Setup 

      1. Access Deploy workflow from the Navigation 

      2. Then look for Slack 

2. Steps to Configure Slack as a Channel 

Let me explain to how you can deploy your chatbot on Slack

2.1 Create an app

  1. To have your bot on Slack you will have to deploy it as an app on it so, click on the URL https:/ to log into Slack and create a new App.

       2. Choose an App Name (Example: MyBOT_Demo).

      3. The workspace you are a part of will be shown in the drop-down list of “Development Slack Workspace” select the one in which you want to deploy the bot and then click on Create App.

2.2 Add a bot User

    4. Click on Bot Users from the left panel, and click on the Add a Bot User.

      5. You can choose to update the Display Name and the Default Username of the bot from this section.

      6. After you have made these changes, enable the “Always Show My Bot as Online” option and click on Add Bot User.

2.3 Create an Event Subscription 

     7. Go to Event Subscriptions from the left panel and turn on Enable Events

      8. Paste the “Request URL” from the MyBOT Portal.

         9. Scroll down to “Subscribe to Bot Events”, and click on “Add Bot Event”. Start typing and Select “im_created” and “” from the drop-down menu and Save Changes.

2.4 Enable Interactive Components

    10. Go to “Interactive Components” from the left panel and enable “Interactivity

      11. Paste the “Request URL” from the MyBOT Portal, and click on “Save Changes”.

2.5 Add OAuth & Permissions

      12. Go to “OAuth & Permissions” from the left panel, and paste the Redirect URL from the portal, and click “Add”. And click “Save URLs”.

2.6 Setting up Basic Information

      13. Go to “Basic Information” from the left panel and scroll down to “App Credentials”. Copy the Client IDClient Secret, and the Verification Token onto the MyBOT Portal and Save it.

2.7 Save and Test

         14. After Clicking Save, Click on the Add to Slack Button on your MyBOT portal, and finalise the deployment.

        15. Now you can go test your bot!

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