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Note: Microsoft has restricted the creation of new bots on Skype for Business channel on June 30, 2019. Existing bots continued operating till October 31, 2019, and the channel is currently being deprecated. Get more information on the same at skype for business.

1. Introduction

Cost-effective and collaborative tool for businesses of any size. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Skype for Business is now available for MyBOT. You can upgrade your account to Business Plan and see it in action. 

1.1 Access to Setup 

   1.1.1 Access Deploy workflow from the Navigation 

   1.1.2 Then look for Skype for Business

2. Steps to configure Skype for Business as a Channel 

Let me explain to how you can deploy your chatbot on Skype for Business.

2.1 Create a bot on bot framework

   2.1.1  If you have a Microsoft account then go to URL ( and sign in. If you don’t have an account you will have to create a Microsoft account and then proceed further.

   2.1.2  Fill in the necessary details about your Bot in the Bot Framework– Name, Bot handle, Description.

2.2 Updating Messaging endpoint 

   2.2.1 Under the configuration section for the Message endpoint Field paste the Endpoint URL from MyBOT-Portal for the Endpoint Url go to Deploy->Skype

2.3 Creating App ID and App Secret

   2.3.1 Under the configuration section, Click on “Create Microsoft App ID and password” button.

   2.3.2 Once you click on the button you will your App ID and App name, you will also see a button to “Generate an app password to continue”, A password is generated. Note down this App Password as shown in the below screenshot for future reference.

   2.3.3 Now, click on “Finish and go back to Bot Framework” button.     

   2.3.4 Click on “Register” button and your Bot is created.

   2.3.5 Now, go back to MyBOT- Portal go to Deploy->Skype for Business, fill in the App ID, App Secret details. Click on “Save” button.

2.4 Adding Skype for Business as a channel on Botframework 

   2.4.1 Go to your Microsoft Bot Framework URL ( and select your bot. In your Bot Framework under “More channels” section, click on “Skype for business” icon.

   2.4.2 Clicking Add to Skype for Business will launch Connecting your bot to Skype for Business Online, which has instructions for registering your bot. Follow the instructions listed. This page will be different for the respective users. This video is of great help:

3. Key Notes

       1. While trying to register the bot on Microsoft:

  • The credential used for registration must be that of a Tenant Administrator
  • These should have a domain of (
  • All Powershell (for Skype for Business online connector) commands need to be run with Administrator credentials
  • Possible errors – ‘New-CsOnlineSession : The term ‘New-CsOnlineSession’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program’
  • Resolution: Install “Skype for Business online connector”, again after Removing Visual C++.

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