Send Message

1. Introduction

Creating a chatbot is made so easy with MyBOT that any message you want to display to the users can be configured so easily using a simple node in a bot, Send message node allows you to do this.

1.1 Availability

You can access this node in the Add a Node Modal.

2. Setup

2.1 Creating and Saving

  1. Select the Send Message node from the add a node modal
  2. Type in the message you want the bot users to see.
  3. Save the node
  4. Connect it to a flow

2.2 Using Attributes

You can refer to attributes within the message. This can be done by including the attribute name within double curly braces. To get a list of attributes, you can simply type a single curly brace ‘{‘

2.3 Formatting Text and URLs

You can use HTML tags for Bold, Italics, Underline and URL tag within the message for special formatting cases. See example below for the same –

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