Send Message With Options

1. Introduction

Creating a chatbot is made so easy with MyBOT that a node can be used to allow the admin to send a message to a bot user with predefined options to choose from. The options will provide a simple but effective method of interacting with the bot.

1.1 Availability

You can access this node in the Add a Node Modal.

2. Setup

2.1 Screen 1 – Node Type

The first screen is important to configure the core message and importantly, the kind of display options and behavior you would want for this node. Options available include:

  • Message: Provide the message you want to display as the leading label for the options
  • Type: Choose the required action(s) to be taken for the selected option. This includes:
    a. Trigger a Path– Select this option, if you would want to trigger a new path of node, on the selection of an option by the user
    b. Set an Attribute – Select this option, if you would want the selected option value to be saved as an attribute to be used further in the conversation flow. If this option is selected, remember to provide an attribute name as well.

Note: You can also select both the options

2.2 Screen 2 – Options Mode and Values

This screen lets you configure the actual options, their values and how these are to be displayed to the user on the website chatbot. The available options on this screen include:

  1. Display Mode: Select a suitable display mode for the options from
    a. Buttons – show the options as buttons to click on

    b. Dropdown – show a drop down in the typing area.
    This option applies only for the website chatbot. For other channels, this option is ignored and the options are displayed in the standard format for the channel.

2. Validation: Use the options here to decide, how is a user response handled when it does not match one of the available options

a. “Default” – If selected, the bot will ignore user input if it does not match the options configured and will continue with the flow. That essentially means the next node configured within the flow or else if none configured then forward it to the NLP Engine for processing & response

b. “Validate Once” – If selected, the bot will show a predefined validation message (only ONE time) if the user input does not match with the configured options. Else it will continue with the flow

c. “Force Validation” – If selected, the bot will show the predefined validation message and block the conversation flow until the user provides input which matches with the configured options

Note: If you would want your users to be forced to select an option (as against just type any response), then you can enforce that for the Website Bot. This can be done from the Configure Screen.

3. Options & Values: Finally, this screen allows you to specify the display label and values for the options you want to be made available to your users in the conversation flow.

a. Options can be added directly from the UI. Use the add, remove and rearrange options available on the screen against each option appropriately.

b. If you want to include a large number of choices (more than 10), you also have the choice to add options by importing a file.

b.1. This option is available only if you have only opted for Action – “Set Attribute” (Not Trigger Path) and Display Mode as “Dropdown”.
b.2. After importing options, the node cannot be edited to trigger a path. In order to change to Trigger Path, the Option source should be first changed to “List”

3. Multi-Select Options in SMO:

To enable Multi-Select kindly uncheck the “Trigger Path”, check “Set Attribute” and assign a value for your attribute:

User Prompt

The content in this option would notify your users that they can select multiple options after overtime they have clicked an option, the process would end when the User has selected the Done button which would be displayed to the user after the first option has been selected.

Done button title

You can enter a value in the “Done button title” which would indicate the user for ending the process of adding the options.

The values for the options clicked will be stored in the assigned attribute and the process would end when the user clicks on the “Done” button.


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