Send Email

1. Introduction 

New age bots that provide instant information to their users are expected to send out notifications and updates when needed. Consider a use case of a bot used for booking tickets. Once the booking is confirmed and payment is done a bot user would expect an email notification detailing the booking and payment information.
MyBOT provides this capability to their users with the help of Send Email node. A bot builder can configure an email node anywhere in the bot and send out notifications to their target audience.

1.1 Availability 

You can access this node in the Add a Node Modal.

2. Setup

2.1 Creating and Saving

  1. Select the Randomize Message node from the Add a Node Modal

Sender Name:  This will be displayed in sender information 

Sender Email: This can be any email address that the bot builder wants to add as a sender email address. Email will anyways be sent from a different provider irrespective of the sender email.  

Recipients: A bot builder can add a recipient email address manually or use a value saved in an attribute during the bot flow. A user can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma.
Subject: This is displayed as the subject line of the email.

Message: This is the body of the email. A bot builder can use attributes to add information in the body of the email. 

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