Related Matches

1. Introduction

Related matches is a capability that lets the bot provide not just the best response from the training data set but also other options that were under consideration and were close to the top match. 

This helps the bot to be more conservative by providing all the candidates which are similar to the user query so that the user may select the exact option to continue forward. 

The number of options that are shown to the user is dependent on how many trained responses matched the query and the distribution pattern of their scores. To elaborate, if there is a significant gap between the first and the second response, then no options for related matches would be shown since there is a clear best response found. 

1.1 Availability

The small talk capability is available for all plans from Starter onwards. The capability can be accessed from the Configure workflow in the left navigation.

2. Feature Usage

The related matches option can be turned on or off from the Conversations section in the Configure tab by using the “Show Related Matches” option. The default for this configuration is off, which means that only the best response is picked up for display and related close matches are not prompted to the user.

With respect to the options which are provided the query is chosen to be the text/title of the option. In case there are multiple variations for an FAQ set, the variation which is most complete and correct from a grammar perspective is selected for display. The correctness and completeness are determined by the algorithm based on the word patterns and semantics and is not customizable.

In cases where the text of the variation selected is too long, then the options are presented as numerals to avoid cluttering and providing a seamless experience.

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