Randomize Messages

1. Introduction 

You can now use multiple statements while crafting bot’s responses. This section will show you how you can randomize different responses for bot.

1.1 Availability 

You can access this node in the Add a Node Modal.

2. Setup

2.1 Creating and Saving

  1. Select the Randomize Message node from the Add a Node Modal
  2. Type In the message you want the bot users to see. You can add multiple messages by opting to add a new one within the modal
  3. Save the node
  4. Connect it to a flow

2.2 Using Attributes

You can refer to attributes within the message. This can be done by including the attribute name within double curly braces. To get a list of attributes, you can simply type a single curly brace ‘{‘

2.3 Formatting Text and URLs

You can use HTML tags for Bold, Italics, Underline and URL tag within the message for special formatting cases. See example below for the same – 

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