Programmable Delay

1 Introduction

You can set a configurable delay between the bot responses. This can be useful for cases where you would want the chatbot to be more human-like and natural in responding. Also, this allows the users more time to read through the messages before other messages interrupt the flow which makes for a better user experience. If your bot has a number of sequential messages it would be recommended to utilize this feature and set an appropriate delay to help your chatbot users easily consume the content of the chatbot messages.

1.1 Availability

The programmable delay feature is available for all plans from Starter onwards.

2 Feature Usage

The delay can be set by going to the Conversations section in the Configure tab. There the option for setting the “Bot Response Delay Duration” would be present. The maximum delay which can be set is 3 seconds. The delay interval can be given in steps of 0.5 seconds. There is no default response delay set for a bot and the value is 0.

This controls the delay in response for all the bot responses without any distinction. The delay would be either between the user’s query and the first bot response or between subsequent bot messages in case the response consists of multiple messages or elements.

The delay cannot be controlled at an individual message level. Also, there is no specific node which would allow you to control the delay between specific nodes in the conversation flow.

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