Platform Introduction

1. Introduction 

MyBOT is the leading chatbot platform that allows you to build chatbots of varying complexities & scale with ease. This platform allows you to 

  • Design the conversation flow for your bot, using the Conversation Flow Builder
  • Easily train your bot to have conversations with end users by adding FAQs, Intents & Entities 
  • Build Integrations with various systems using one of the many integration options available 
  • Deploy the bot on Website, Facebook Messenger or one of the any 14+ web, social & mobile channels

2. What MyBOT can do for you 

As the new generation moves into the post UI world, conversational interfaces are increasingly important for businesses to engage with their customers, internal or external. Some of the key use cases that businesses today use chatbots for include: 

  • Comprehensive Customer Support: Chatbots can cost-effectively streamline your customer support process. MyBOT allows you to train the bot for giving automated replies to your end users and seamlessly transition to live chat agents when needed 
  • Automated Sales & Marketing: Chatbots enable an instant & interactive way for users to Interact with your brands, get 24×7 recommendations & guide users to complete transactions. MyBOT allows you to broadcast messages to your users and build successful step-by-step campaigns for user segments 
  • Human Resources: Chatbots help embrace the future of people management helping automate hiring & on-boarding and offering instant responses to employee queries. 
  • Services Management (ITSM): Chatbots can help increase service level satisfaction for your internal customers by providing a 24×7 service to address IT service support queries and a range of simple tasks 

With its simple user interface and no code philosophy to building chatbots, MyBOT makes it easy to build chatbots for your own specific use case. 

Our Support Team is always available to help answer your queries on email. Simply write to [email protected] and you could also look to use the services of our Bot Building Experts to have us do the heavy lifting of designing and building the bot for you. 

3. How to Build a Chatbot using MyBOT


You can get started on your chatbot journey, by simply opting to create a new chatbot from MyBOT Home Page.


A chatbot is a sum total of the NLP Training to you provide for the bot to be able to have conversations, the Conversation flows you design including menus & Integrations. 

In MyBOT, these functions are easily available under the section “Build” in the navigation.

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