NLP Debug Mode

1. Introduction

The NLP engine does a lot of complex computations to determine the best response as per the bot’s training data set. On certain occasions, it might not be explicitly clear as to why a certain response was chosen by the engine over another. The Debug Mode for the bot is a tool added to provide a deeper insight into some of the factors which go into the best response determination by the engine. 

1.1 Availability

The programmable delay feature is available for all plans from Starter onwards.

2. Feature Usage

The Debug Mode can be accessed by the URL provided in the Debug Mode field in the Conversations section in the Configure tab. This is a modified form of the standalone URL which would provide these additional insights.

For a FAQ resolution, it would highlight whether the context feature is enabled and whether any terms from the earlier conversation context was used to determine the best match. It would also specify if any particular words were spell-corrected by the spelling correction module. If there are any synonyms that were matched between the user query and the trained questions, they are also mentioned in detail.

The above details help significantly to understand the NLP engine’s resolution behavior and also make the training more efficient.

Here are a few examples of the Debug Mode in action – 

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