1. Introduction

Interaction is an important term to understand since the platform usage is determined in terms of interactions. The number of interactions gives a good understanding of the activity for a particular chatbot.

2. Definition

An interaction can be defined as a user action (a query or a message sent or an action taken in terms of a button/option click) leading to a single or multiple response from the chatbot. An individual conversation or session of a user with a bot will typically consist of multiple back and forth interactions. 

In the above example, a user query and the two subsequent bot responses comprise of a single interaction.

3. Additional Cases & Types

While the interactions explained above typically cover all kinds of text, multimedia exchanges between a user and the Chatbot, there are a few other cases to consider: 

3.1 Live Chat

With respect to live chat responses as well, the above holds true just that the response would be from the human agent and not the chatbot.

3.2 Broadcast

Outside of the above, each outbound message per user sent as part of broadcast a campaign would be treated as a single interaction.

3.3 File Uploads

File Uploads are tracked separately and besides the regular Chatbot interactions and include the scenarios where the end user has had to upload a file to continue with the flow. 

3.4 Voice Interactions

Voice interactions – Voice to Text and Text to Voice are handled using Google Voice and would be tracked / charged separately by your Google Voice account.

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