1. Introduction to Hosting Flexibility

At MyBOT, we understand the value of flexibility for your business. We understand that every organization wants choice and has unique needs and requirements in terms of performance, security, and scalability – and meeting them all can be a tricky task.

Cloud solutions have certainly grown in popularity and come with advantages ranging from time & money savings to more flexibility, agility & scalability. On the other hand, on-premise software that has been around for a long time has certainly proven to provide security and control to enterprises.  

So, we offer open and flexible deployment options that can be custom-tailored to suit your requirements. This approach & philosophy has allowed us to build a unique platform that supports cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment options.

1.1. Terms & Definitions 

Cloud Solution: A subscription-based licensing of software that is centrally hosted on a public cloud infrastructure 

On-Premise Solution: On-premises software (or “on-prem”) is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the person or organization using the software

Hybrid Solution: Hybrid solution is a deployment solution that involves a mix of both Cloud software as well as on-prem solutions 

Socket IO: Used in Cloud-2-Enterprise solution to enable real time, bi-directional communication between the C2E Bridge deployed on on-premise and the MyBOT Cloud 

2. Deployment Options

2.1. Cloud

MyBOT offers a best in class multi-tenant cloud solution. You can get started with our cloud offering and get up and running in no time. No time is lost in setup and deployment aspects. Some of the advantages of going for the cloud solution will be as below: 

  • Cost Effective: Our predictable, value oriented cloud subscription is designed to make it easy to get you started with minimal upfront & reasonable regular investment. 
  • Secure: MyBOT Cloud is hosted on best in class cloud infrastructure from leading cloud vendors with utmost focus on security. And our own strict security measures add to the overall security of the platform. All data transmission is encrypted and access to customer’s data has strict controls.  
  • Scale: The multi-tenant cloud platform is designed to scale for millions of interactions. Makes it easy for you to manage the increasing interactions without so much as needing to change anything other than automatically subscribing to the right plans 
  • Data Control: MyBOT makes it very easy to manage data or train your chatbot on our cloud and at the same time gives you complete control over your data. We are GDPR compliant and customers can request for information about their data as well as removal of the same from our servers. For more details please visit here.  

2.2. On Premise & Private Cloud 

If you require more control over your data, stricter compliance requirements or there is a need for integration with on-premise systems, we have that covered as well with our on-premise offering. The entire platform can be set up on your infrastructure with no dependencies since our proprietary NLP engine which powers the conversations is also packaged along with it. 

Also, the platform can be deployed in a private cloud set up. All the standard PaaS providers are supported – AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Key advantages include: 

  • Control: MyBOT’s on-premise or private cloud deployment gives you the same capabilities as our cloud but with complete control over your deployment and data collected within it 
  • Utilization: For our customers that have on-premise and / or private cloud capacity, on-premise deployment is an excellent means of utilization of available resources 
  • Privacy & Compliance: With all data contained within own servers, privacy & compliance is significantly easier to achieve 
  • Internal / Intranet Deployment: With its own proprietary NLP engine, MyBOT can be deployed on your intranet and not need internet access for any services. 

2.3. Hybrid Deployment

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, we have hybrid options as well. Our C2E offering provides a deployable set up which can integrate with on-premise systems and services and relay it back to the cloud where the rest of the conversation resolution and management happens. Including some details below on how it works: 

  • You register for an account on our Cloud 
  • Deploy our proprietary Cloud-2-Enterprise (C2E) Bridge utility on premise. Installation is done in a secure manner with a secure token based authentication between the C2E Bridge and MyBOT Cloud  
  • Build & deploy modules on the C2E Bridge to get access to data on your internal apps
  • Our proprietary use of Socket IO technology, further allows MyBOT Cloud to then communicate with the on Premise C2E Bridge without needing direct access from Cloud to the C2E Bridge  

All the above then bring in significant advantages to MyBOT’s Hybrid model including – 

  • Best of both worlds, Cost Effectiveness of the MyBOT Cloud and retained control over internal Data 
  • Cost Effective: Our predictable, value oriented cloud subscription is designed to make it easy to get you started with minimal upfront & reasonable regular investment. Hybrid allows you to continue using the cost effective cloud model 
  • Control: Nothing better than retaining full control over internal data and Hybrid allows you to continue doing that even as you use the power of Cloud in so far as the heavy lifting of conversational modeling for Chatbots is concerned 


MyBOT Cloud is easily available for self registration and trial from our website at On Premise, Private Cloud and the Cloud-2-Enterprise Bridge are all available upon request. Contact us at [email protected]

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