Facebook Messenger

1. Introduction

Facebook Messenger (or Messenger) is an instant messaging service and software application. Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files, as well as react to other users’ messages and interact with bots. MyBOT allows you to deploy your bot on messenger. 

1.1 Access to Setup 

  1. Access Deploy workflow from the Navigation.

  2. Then look for Facebook Messenger 

2. Steps to Configure Messenger as a Channel 

Let me explain to you how you can deploy your chatbot on a Facebook Page

  1. Firstly if you want to deploy your bot on Messenger, you must have a Facebook page you manage. If you don’t have a page, create one before proceeding further.
  2. Once you have your Facebook page created. Just go to the Deploy section of the MyBOT portal and then click on the Facebook messenger tab and then click on Sign in with Facebook button.

  3. It will ask you to log in to your Facebook account. After login, it will ask you for certain permissions like the list of pages you have. We need these permissions to set up the bot with the Facebook page. Allow these permissions.
    [Note: Make sure that you don’t have pop up blocked on the browser]

  4. After logging in you will get a list of your Facebook pages for which you gave the permissions. Just select one of them and click on the Connect button to create your messenger bot.   

  5. You are all set and ready to interact with customers through your Facebook page over Messenger.
  6. You can always click on the Button Try this Chatbot to see how your bot works on facebook messenger.

2.1 Steps to configure the Facebook Ad Campaign to our chatbots. 

​The following steps will help in configuring your Facebook Advertisements to the chatbot.

​1. Create an Ad campaign from the Ads manager, on the Ad setup step, set the action to Send Message.
2. Get the flow key for the path you want to trigger(You can find this flow key while editing the path from the portal).
3. Encode flow_<FlowKey> to base64 format(example flow_5ABDDCE3B8AE4ECBB4918753E649CF71)
4. On the Tracking step, there is a field to add URL parameters.
5. In the URL parameters field add the following parameter 
    ref=<Encoded string from step 3>
6. Once you follow the above steps and create your Ad campaign, anyone clicking on the send message will be redirected to the messenger and flow for the flow key you configured will be triggered. 

3. Configure Menu

One amazing feature that MyBOT provides you is Adding a quick access menu on your messenger bot, where the users can have quick access to the different paths of your bot, A URL link, or a submenu to your menu. 

There are only two main steps to add a menu on messenger

Step 1:

  • Once you link your Facebook page to your bot you can go to the next tab which is the Menu tab (refer to the below image)
  • Click on the +Add button under menu and you will see the options like

3.1.1 Button name

Button name refers to the button name that you will see in the menu which you can set of your choice.

[Note: You have to have a name for your button to save your menu ]

3.1.2 Path

You can choose any path you wish to connect to a particular button on the menu. From the actions select Path and from the Dropdown menu select a path you want to link to that button.

3.1.3 URL

If you wish to redirect to a URL if the user clicks on a particular button of the menu you can do that using this; Just paste your URL in the URL tab and give that button a name click on save and you are done.

[Note: It has to have a valid URL to save it as a button]

3.1.4 Submenu

This allows you to create a submenu for your button in the menu which again you will have to configure and set it to redirect to a path or a URL.

[Note: All the buttons in the menu have to be redirected to a valid path or a valid URL for it to be shown on the messenger.]

Step 2:

Once you are done configuring your menu all you have to do is to save it by clicking on the Save Menu button.

This is how your Facebook messenger will look like once you create and save your menu.

4. Allowing permissions for multiple pages 

1. Log into your Facebook account.2. Navigate to the settings page. 

3. Select the Business Integrations button present at the bottom left. 
4. Click on the View and Edit beside the MyBOT Logo present in the Active tab

5. Enable the permissions for your other pages too –
                  1. Manage your pages.                  2. Manage and access your page conversations on messenger.

                  3. Show a list of the pages you manage.

6. Once these have been check marked for the new page kindly Save the options and the changes should then reflect on the bot platform too.

5. Unsubscribing from Messenger

If you want to unsubscribe from a Facebook page without deleting the bot you can do the same by following the below steps. 

Step 1: Log in to the MyBOT portal.

Step 2: Go to the Facebook messenger tab in the deploy tab.

Step 3: Click on the Disable button to disable the bot from the page it was deployed on once done you can log out of the Facebook messenger.

Note: The bot is automatically unsubscribed from your Facebook page if it is deleted. 

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