Conversational Context

1. Introduction

Context is a very important aspect of a conversation that leads to a better understanding of the user’s statement or intent.

Understanding the context from an NLP perspective for a chatbot is a critical requirement for providing accurate responses to user’s queries. 

Achieving context awareness at a system level is a complex capability to support and we have abstracted that completely to just a simple checkbox. The feature can be accessed and enabled by checking the Enable Contextual Responses from the Conversations section in the Configure tab. It is disabled by default. 

1.1 Availability

The Conversational Context feature is available for Business and Enterprise plan accounts.

2. Functional Outline

How this works is whenever a query is asked by the user, the system processes the text as part of the standard NLP process pipeline and extracts the key terms which are relevant from a context perspective. 

Then, for the subsequent queries, the system tries to determine whether the terms which were persisted in the context add value to the query. It also makes a determination whether it leads to a better response. If that is the case, then the system uses that value and provides the relevant response. 

This is applicable for the entities as well which are extracted from the intents and those values are re-used wherever relevant to refine the responses.

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