Trigger path

1. Introduction  Having a conversation flow builder is amazing but having too many things in a single flow might not be easy to deal with it. MyBOT allows you to have multiple conversational flows in different Paths and each Path can be triggered or connected with the help of a […]

Send Email

1. Introduction  New age bots that provide instant information to their users are expected to send out notifications and updates when needed. Consider a use case of a bot used for booking tickets. Once the booking is confirmed and payment is done a bot user would expect an email notification […]

Filter FAQ

1. Introduction  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as the name suggests are the most probable questions for a use case. Adding these to a bot improves the bot response for unstructured questions. In a use case, a bot builder may want to restrict the category of FAQs addressed in a given […]

Webview Node

1. Introduction Webview Node is an Integration capability from MyBOT for enabling advanced use cases like payments, OAUTH & more that involve a third party web interface for taking user inputs for authentication or simple data inputs. Further, configuration parameters for Stripe and Google OAUTH have been built in to […]

Request User Data

1. Introduction  The Request User Data data node enables the chatbot to read input from the user and save them as an attribute or entity. Therefore, facilitating use cases like Lead Generation, personalizing user experience, and much more. 1.1 Availability  You can access this node in the Add a Node […]

Identity Node

1. Introduction  User information is of utmost importance in a business scenario. It helps classify new users and identify returning users. MyBOT provides the functionality to collect user information and save it for returning users. Identity node allows a bot builder to collect user input in an input form mode […]

Randomize Messages

1. Introduction  You can now use multiple statements while crafting bot’s responses. This section will show you how you can randomize different responses for bot. 1.1 Availability  You can access this node in the Add a Node Modal. 2. Setup 2.1 Creating and Saving Select the Randomize Message node from […]

Send Carousel

1. Introduction The carousel option can be used to make interactive messages with images, text, subtext, url, and buttons.This option, most commonly, finds its use in advertising and for creating visually appealing menus for the customer. A Carousel consists of multiple cards, typically arranged next to each other. Each card […]

Send Image, Audio & Video

1. Introduction A chatbot without any multimedia is boring chatbot and users might not interact the the chatbot. MyBOT allows you to  share image files, audio files and video files based on specific workflow trigger points.  1.1 Availability You can access these nodes in the Add a Node Modal. 2. […]

Send Message With Options

1. Introduction Creating a chatbot is made so easy with MyBOT that a node can be used to allow the admin to send a message to a bot user with predefined options to choose from. The options will provide a simple but effective method of interacting with the bot. 1.1 […]