1. Introduction Entities are data points or values that you can extract from a conversation/user query. This allows you to customize what kind of information you are collecting, how you want to associate it and even add your own custom set of values, if needed. Also when a group of […]


1 Introduction  Conversational bots are driving the new era of user interactions. End users don’t want to feel as if they are talking to a machine. They want to enter their queries in a free format and expect a response that provides apt information or resolution. MyBOT with its propriety […]

Google Calendar

1 Introduction New age Digital Assistants facilitate end to end use case requirements. Many of them are around scheduling tasks, taking appointments, booking slots for technical support visits, and so on. Creating an event is one requirement and getting reminded about that even another all these are facilitated by bots […]

Zapier Integration

1. Introduction Zapier is a cloud service that provides API Integrations with a large number of other Cloud Services. If you have a Zapier account, you can Integrate MyBOT with the same to use any of the Zapier Integrations Zapier classifies their functionality under the following constructs: A trigger is […]

Google Sheets

1. Introduction MyBOT integration hub allows integration with external applications to provide added functionality to portal users to build their bots. Integration of google sheets specifically has facilitated storing the data collected during the bot flow for a user. Typical use cases where sheets can be used is saving booking […]

Salesforce Integration

1. Introduction Chatbots are commonly used for user engagement with potential prospects and integrate with the customer CRMs to update the collected user information in the integrated CRM.  MyBOT further provides standard out-of-box integration with the most popular Cloud CRM solution, Salesforce. This integration provides capabilities for recording Leads, Service […]

JSON API Node and usage

1. Introduction Like any other system or application, Chatbots can benefit significantly from integrations. The various channels that a chatbot may need to be deployed on, represent an integration in the basic sense. Importantly though, the capabilities of any chatbot can be significantly enhanced by having it integrate with other […]

Script Node

1. Introduction The script node allows you to insert custom Javascript code which will get executed during the path execution. This will allow you to build complex flows with logical operations, arithmetic computations, data processing/transformation, etc. All this without the need of having separate backend infrastructure to run the code. […]

Decision Node

1. Introduction The Decision node is used to direct the user flow based on the interaction between the user and the bot. Values and attributes collected through the conversation can be passed into the decision node to direct the conversation flow. 1.1 Availability A decision node can be selected from […]

Send SMS

1. Introduction Send SMS node will enable bot builders to send instant notification on the mobile phone of the desired recipient. Bot creator has to configure an SMS account with SMS providers and then update on the MyBOT portal. This functionality will also allow bot creators to send SMS to […]