NLP Debug Mode

1. Introduction The NLP engine does a lot of complex computations to determine the best response as per the bot’s training data set. On certain occasions, it might not be explicitly clear as to why a certain response was chosen by the engine over another. The Debug Mode for the […]

User Feedback

1. Introduction The best bots are those that collect feedback on their performance and utility and improve over time. MyBOT platform provides an automatic way to capture user feedback which can be customised by the bot creator. The feedback prompt is sent to the user after the successful resolution of […]

Programmable Delay

1 Introduction You can set a configurable delay between the bot responses. This can be useful for cases where you would want the chatbot to be more human-like and natural in responding. Also, this allows the users more time to read through the messages before other messages interrupt the flow […]

Small Talk

1. Introduction Small talk is typically defined as casual, informal conversation, usually, not pertaining to an important topic. MyBOT platform comes pre-packaged with its own small-talk engine. When you create a bot, this small-talk engine is automatically enabled and the bot would respond to some typical questions like “How are […]

Related Matches

1. Introduction Related matches is a capability that lets the bot provide not just the best response from the training data set but also other options that were under consideration and were close to the top match.  This helps the bot to be more conservative by providing all the candidates […]

Conversational Context

1. Introduction Context is a very important aspect of a conversation that leads to a better understanding of the user’s statement or intent. Understanding the context from an NLP perspective for a chatbot is a critical requirement for providing accurate responses to user’s queries.  Achieving context awareness at a system […]

Multi-lingual bots

1 Introduction  MyBOT provides a number of capabilities to assist you in building and managing your bots in multiple languages as well as just for non-English languages. These capabilities span across the various key components of the platform, namely FAQs and Intents which drive the NLP behavior as well as […]

Document Lookup

Introduction Document lookup aims to provide bot builder’s ability to make the bot training effort more seamless, an option to combine answers to user queries from multiple sources widens the capability of the bot to provide more appropriate responses. Minimizing the format reduces effort and time consumed leading to a […]

Tabular Input

1. Introduction Smart Conversational bots mark the new era where users can engage with their desired product or brand 24x7x365. These give rise to complex use case being built a bot with an extensive amount of training on FAQs and adding entity sets. This makes it easier to manage the […]

Synonyms and Stopwords

1. Introduction  Conversational bots give a human touch to their responses. An end-user may ask any query in a free format if the bot has been trained to handle the query it will handle it with its variations. This is done with the help of processing these sentences using NLP. […]