1. Introduction  Customer support is one of the most important use case of conversational bots. It provides for all-time availability with a significant reduction in operational costs since it reduces the number of human resources required for the support process.  Analytics in support provides an opportunity to identify potential growth […]


1. Introduction  Smart assistants, E-Commerce bots, Digital support agents are the type of new-age bots where engagement level is high and highly targeted. One of the most important metrics after customer acquisition is complete is user retention.  Retention is the process of engaging existing customers to continue buying products or […]


1. Introduction Conversational bots are defining the new sphere of user interaction. End users don’t want to feel as if they are talking to a machine. They want to enter their queries in a free format and expect a response that provides apt information. Along with the timing of the […]


1. Introduction  Customer engagement is an important aspect of a business since it drives all three aspects of a marketing use case Lead generation, Customer Acquisition and retention. Advanced NLP enabled conversational bots to drive targeted and interactive engagement options. MyBOT enables the bot builders to track the quantity and […]

General Configurations

1. Introduction There are two types of bots that are created by bot builders generic bots to handle basic user queries and use case specific bots. Based on the use case, each bot has different requirements which brings us to configuring the bot to address our use case. MyBOT provides […]


1. Introduction User data helps a business understand their customers and provide better products and services. This data sometimes may become too big to handle or apply metrics on or a bot builder may want to target a certain set of audience based on a given parameter. In this scenario, […]


1. Introduction Our users are the center of our product to provide all-time assistance to your customers you can deploy a chatbot on your website/channel. But that’s not it,  if we can not track the usage to understand, maintain, improve user experience then eventually we may end up losing the […]

User Attributes

1. Introduction User Attributes are data points associated with a user or relevant for the conversation. These attributes are persistent in nature unless they are cleared or overridden explicitly. User attributes can also be used as variables for storing data related to a path execution. For example – email or […]


1. Introduction The MyBOT APIs allow you to integrate with the platform and create useful functionality around the platform. The APIs are REST-based using JSON as the standard response type. 2. Authentication The MyBOT APIs follow basic authentication utilising API Keys to authenticate the API calls. The API Keys can […]